I have a problem with a spare part, what should I do?
■ Buy auto parts from us you get a good warranty, this is without doubt. If you have a problem with your part, please visit our website with contact us via our feedback form our experts will help you with your issue, they will review your problem and help you sort it out. If you need further assistance, please call and speak to one of our experts.

I have already taken my machine to a mechanic and he says my part is faulty, what should I do?
■ For details of our guarantee policy, see “WARRANTY – Further information“.

What information should I have at the ready when I call with a question or problem?
■ If you would like to call and speak to one of our experts, please have your order number ready which has been emailed to you so that we can locate your file quickly. Your order number can be found on the confirmation page in your personal storefront and was included in the package with your part. If you have provided an email address, this number can also be found in your confirmation emails.

If I need a spare part, how long will it take to send it?
■ In the rare case that your part is faulty, we can send you a replacement part in about the same time as you have had to wait, this will be in return for a temporary deposit. This deposit is for you to send back your faulty part, and is fully refundable once it has arrived at our suppliers’ warehouse in Thailand. We will also provide you with a free return shipping label so that you can get a replacement part back on good and pleasant terms.


I returned my part, how long will it take to get a refund?
Once your return is delivered back to our warehouse, it will take up to 8-14 business days for a refund to be completely processed.
■ Up to 3-8 business days to check the return in.
■ Up to 1-3 business days to process the refund.
■ Up to 1-3 business days for your payment provider (Debit / Credit Card , PayPal, etc.) to complete the refund.


How can I purchase a part for my car?
■ A purchased part is what the industry refers to as, one unit that will be shipped to its owner. You need one to restore, or otherwise improve your car – then you can buy it from us, choose what you need, put it in your shopping cart and place the order.
■ Many of our parts have a refundable deposit. This means that you pay a temporary deposit when you purchase the part. We then refund the deposit in full once you send us your old part.

If you want to order make-to-order, here’s how it works:
■ You pay a temporary refundable deposit for the core. Don’t worry, you will get it back!
■ You send us your old part (core).
■ When we receive your old part (core), we return the full amount of the deposit to you.
■ And you then buy the new manufactured part you need to repair your vehicle.


Are international deliveries possible?
■ Yes. We ship internationally via DHL. Our project is just starting to grow, but we already have representatives in Europe, Canada, Russia and Turkey / UAE who like the quality and services we offer for them!

How soon will I receive my item?
■ We do our best to ship your parts from our suppliers’ main warehouse located in Thailand, we carry out logistics and determine the shortest delivery time to the client, but this does not always work out like this – we cannot know that the transport company will fulfill its obligations on time.
■ Please use the individual tracking number and tracker code of the parcel to find out when your order will be delivered to you.


Why such low prices?
■ Due to the fact that we do not have a regular store and we work only with online buyers, we save on purchases and we do not have downtime of goods on display windows, we try to sell spare parts that are in demand!

Where is BUPARTS STORE located?
■ “BUPARTS.STORE” is online, we are representatives of a warehouse for the sale of auto parts from Thailand. We send them to the countries in which our representatives are located, so that in case something happens, our specialists can contact the client and in the future we want it to look like stores located in different countries.